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There is…

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Subject: {firstname}, waging war on Wall Street…


For nearly 100 years, Wall Street has kept
investors like us out.

Unless you were born with a silver spoon
in your mouth… or… had big time connections
you were not privy to how m-o-n-e-y is really
made in the stock market.

Now, things have changed.

The power brokers got greedy and got caught.
Since the late 1990’s a revolution of sorts
has started. The average investor no longer
trusts Wall Street.

Because we’ve been lied to, cheated and
taken to the cleaners once too many times.

The dirty laundry is out… and… some of the
biggest secrets on Wall Street are leaking
out to the rest of us.

One of these secrets is the simple fact
that you don’t need Wall Street to tell
you how to invest your money. Instead,
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Subject: {firstname}, cracking the day trading success code…


I’m sure you’ve heard the clueless
media – and even government officials –
warn us about day trading.

They say it’s risky. They say most
people lose their shirts. They “advise”
us to stay out of the markets and rely
on them for objective advice about

The only problem is: They don’t know
how to day trade for profit.

However, there is one man who figured
out how to crack the day trading code.
His name is Jens Clever. He got so
good at day trading that he was pulling
in an average of $681 ever single day
the market was open.

Jens admits trading is risky… if… you
don’t know what you’re doing. But with
the right system in place, you can reap
the rich rewards the markets offer. To
find out how you can copy Jens and day
trade like a seasoned pro…

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Many people who start out day trading
wonder if there are any shortcuts
they can follow.

In some ways the answer is “No!”

Because, to succeed at anything, you
must have some basic knowledge and a
little experience. On the other hand,
there are certain strategies to day
trading that shorten the experience
and learning curve dramatically.

Sometimes by as much as half. Some of
these shortcuts include…

** Knowing how to stack the odds of
success in your favor.

** Controlling your emotions when the
money is on the line.

** Reducing the risk of every trade
you enter.

And so on.

The biggest shortcut to stock market
profits is following a proven blueprint.

It’s the difference between guessing how
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Rather than getting beat up by the markets
you can win on a daily basis. But that
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Here’s how to get your hands on such a
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Subject: {firstname}, the biggest lies your broker is telling you…

Your stock broker may be telling you
some dangerous lies… and… he probably
doesn’t even know it.

Let me explain…

During the past decade average Americans
have lost big money in the stock market.

Our 401K’s have become “101K’s”. Our
kid’s college funds dwindled down to
almost nothing. Retirement and pension
plans disappeared overnight.


Because stock brokers kept feeding us a
pack of lies. For example, they said…

“Trust me. I am a professional. I’ll
make sure you’re money grows without any
risk. That’s why I advise you to diversify
and invest for the long term.”

Well, conventional advice like that has
gotten us nowhere.

However, many smart investors made a fortune.
How? By taking control of their own accounts
and learning the secrets of day trading.

Done properly, this type of short term
investing, brings in fast and substantial

Stop listening to the lies your broker keeps
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trade. Instead, find out for yourself how to
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Subject: {firstname}, 5 deadly mistakes day traders make…


Succeeding at anything requires a
little insider knowledge.

Beginning day traders often jump the
gun and don’t bother getting the info
they need prior to putting up their

Here are 5 common but deadly mistakes
most day traders make…

1) Following the heard. Often the heard
is headed for the cliff. Don’t make a
trading decision based on what everyone
else is doing.

2) Getting greedy. Some beginners see a
small profit and decide to bankroll their
winnings instead of getting out. Greed will
steal your profits.

3) Losing your cool. Take this to heart:
You’ll win some and you’ll lose some. Don’t
panic. Keep your cool when you’re losing
and make the best decision possible.

4) Trading blind. What I mean by that is
not having a plan. Beginners think a hot
tip might be all they need. Not so. You
need a total plan of attack.

5) Not having a proven system. I believe
this is the biggest mistake of all. Without
a proven system for day trading you are
simply guessing.

To find out how to get your hands on a
day trading system proven for more than
a decade…

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Subject: {firstname}, Wall Street’s “hush-hush” secret…


Wall Street power brokers desperately
want you to abdicate control of your
investments to them.


So they can make a fortune while you
get meager returns at best. You see,
Wall Street earns trillions of dollars
by using the old OPM secret.

OPM stands for “Other People’s Money”.

They cheerfully take your hard-earned
income and squeeze every last drop of
profit out for themselves. If you’re
lucky, you get a laughable 5% to 8%

They get trillions and you get pennies.

Well, there is a better way. Which
involves you learning how to trade
stocks on a daily basis and keep the
profits for yourself.

This is how the power brokers make their
fortunes. To find out how you can do the

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Subject: {firstname}, the hottest trading system you never heard of…


Jens Clever regards himself as a renegade
trader. The reason is because he does not
rely on conventional wisdom from the
investment world.

Instead, Jens found out quickly that
listening to mainstream advice about how
to make money in the stock market was
dead wrong.

So he developed a surefire day trading
system anyone can follow.

What’s really neat about his system is
that it allows you to create your own
system as you get more experience.

Listen, I could tell you all about it
here… but… Jens explains it even better.

If you want to day trade successfully,
listen to what Jens has to say by…

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