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"You don’t need to know everything about day trading to succeed as a day trader. You need only to find a few solid strategies that work for YOU — then master them."
Jens Clever

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Trading Strategies using longer time frames

Long Term Trading Strategies

by Jens Clever
Copyright 2003

There are as many different trading strategies as there are traders.

Generally they can be distinguished though by the time frame in which they take place.


Investors are not day traders. They buy shares of a certain company because they believe in its long-term growth perspective. They have little interest in most of the daily price movements and are looking to hold their shares for several years. No day trading for them!


Swingtrading means to hold stocks anywhere from one to five days and sometimes more. People who trade them are also not, strictly, day traders. Swingtraders try to take advantage of certain “key” situations in a stock price’s movement. Such a situation would be a buy after a pullback into solid support during a longer term uptrend. Swingtrading is an easy-to-implement strategy and is excellent for people with small accounts.


I suggest every day trader experiment with different strategies and then decide for himself what he is most comfortable with. (More articles on day trading.)