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"Hi Jens, I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I was doing with my trading. It is better than ever!!!!!!

"I have made a few changes like trading breakouts on NYSE stocks. I'm not making a $1000 a day yet, but I'm on my way.

"Your trading chat is a big help to my trading along with everything else. I think I enjoy the breakout patterns more than all the others. Many times I'll check a lot of different time frames just looking for the breakouts.

"Thanks for everything and may God be with you!"


FAQs: questions people ask me about day trading

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How long have you been day trading?

I have been day trading for over 6 years now, although this does not include investing experience. There's more detail on that further down this page.

If experienced day traders are highly successful, why would they be willing to help junior traders learn? Why not just trade and make money?

I've found it useful to get continuing education and take courses ... taking additional courses and teaching courses about day trading. Whenever I teach something I am familiar with, I learn it even more. And when I'm coaching people in day trading I am still able to trade at least the slower trades.

Can you give me some more detailed information about the day trading coaching?

The coaching is highly individual and depends a lot on what you want to know and your level of knowledge/experience. But let me give you some ideas.

My goal is to give every student a comprehensive insight into how a day trader works, and a solid foundation and overview of many different aspects of day trading. The most important part of my coaching is practical trading. This means, the student will sit down with me and I will explain in detail what I am looking for during the day: what strategies I use, what tools I need, how the current market effects my trading, and so on.

For many students this is very enlightening. A lot of them already read many books on day trading. I've even had people here who were licensed market makers on different exchanges. These people have a very good fundamental education, but they all have one problem … they don't know how to apply their knowledge into practical day trading.

The next (smaller) group of people are complete day trading novices. They don't know how to read a chart, how level 2 works, and so on. I take my time and explain to them all those tools, in detail, and apply this directly into real day trading, wherever possible. (and it almost always is!)

Another important group of my students are already day traders. They are looking for guidance regarding strategies and the psychological issues of day trading.

Let me tell you a little about my day trading style. On the open I like to focus on Momentum trades. In this period I also like to enter some reversal plays based on extremely oversold or overbought conditions on the daily chart in conjunction with support/resistance. At this time I usually enter most of my swingtrades.

After this opening period I like to focus on trending stocks, and I will trade breakouts on them. I apply tape reading techniques as well as regular chart analysis on these trades. Even tough a lot of my trades are based on breakouts I do trade pullbacks or reversals as well, using stochastic and so on, and at least I show my student how to trade those and give them an overview of it.

Depending on the day, I will do live trades in my account when a student is with me. Other major topics in the coaching are software and computer setup, choosing a broker, choosing day trading software etc. Students are always asking about these things.

Ok, I could go on, but I guess you get the idea.

What type of trades do you most like?

Most of my trades are based on intraday patterns, like breakouts, in combination with different timeframes including daily charts. Some of my trades are only based on daily chart setups — swingtrades.

For the market opening I like to focus on momentum stocks with gap and volume. Momentum setups are based on just price action and momentum.

Do I need knowledge about trading in order to attend your coaching?

No, we can start training you right at the bottom, beginning with basic things about day trading.

What broker do you use?

I have used most of the big day trading brokers. I can provide you with information about all of them. I am currently using Interactive Brokers.

How long do you usually hold your trades?

Since I trade many different types of setups I hold my trades anywhere from a few seconds to a few days.

What do you think is the most crucial key to success?

The right state of mind is certainly one of the most important things to be a successful day trader. It's also the most difficult aspect to work on when you're day trading.

How do I pay for the coaching?

If you attend coaching in our office, you can pay in person on the day. For all other coaching services you have to wire the money in advance, or simply pay with your credit card.

What is your favourite market for day trading?

Most of my trades take place on the Nasdaq because of the incredible liquidity and market insight we have there. More and more I trade NYSE stocks as well.

How did you learn day trading?

In the late 1990s I opened a direct access account and started actively day trading. But I was fairly unprepared. I just went in with the knowledge of certain patterns that I had noticed informally and tried to succeed as a day trader

Right away, I experienced some heavy losses. I then realized that day trading is not as easy as I had thought.

I needed something more sophisticated, so I went on to look at other people’s day trading strategies. Basically, I called my broker and asked him for advice, and then worked with day traders who helped me refine my techniques.

I incorporated a lot of what I learned into my own day trading, and from that point on I moved forward substantially.

Questions regarding "MasterTrader"

Question: I don't have a credit card. Is there another way to pay for the book?

Answer: Yes, you can pay per check if you are a US or Canadian resident. To do that, simply go to the regular credit card order form. Below the credit card field there is a link for check processing!

Q: Can you please tell me if this book is some kind of a come-on for either more detailed books, tapes, subscription services, or other follow on materials. Or is the book complete as it stands with nothing else to be offered or disclosed for purchase?

A: Very good question - it is not one of those offers. The only thing I offer in conjunction is coaching...that's it. The book in itself is complete. There is no need for additional purchases!

Q: Where can I get additional tips on where to open an account?

A:If you have simple questions you can always e-mail or call me. If you need in depth advice I suggest you contact me for coaching. I am always there to help!

Q: I am not sure whether the book is right for me?

A: That's very simple. Just check it case you don't like it simply ask for a refund. You have nothing to lose!

Q: Can I use the info in your book to trade successfully on the Australian stock market?

A: Yes, most of the info can be applied to any market in the world.

Q: How long does it take to implement your strategies?

A: Most of the strategies are designed to allow you instant implementation however I suggest you to study the market thoroughly before making any "live" trades.

Q: Can I print the book?

A: Yes of course...the book comes in a very printer friendly version. I would recommend printing it. Tip: you can speed up the printing process and save ink by setting your print settings to low quality. It works perfect!

Q: Why did you choose to publish an e-book instead of a "regular" book?

A: I can keep it much more up to date. It is much faster to deliver an e-book to any part of the world. You can not return a "regular" e-book is always risk free for you.

Q: I only have $2000 to start with. Can I still start trading?

A: Yes you can. You will need to start swing trading part time. Through incredibly low commission rates you can even make nice profits on only $2000

Q: I am looking for a broker. Does the book help with choosing the right one?

A: There is a chapter dedicated to help you finding the right broker. You will learn how to trade 100 share lots for as little as 50 cents per transaction and with direct access to the market!

Q: Is my personal data secure?

A: Your billing information is submitted through a secure connection. Not even I am able to see any personal data except for your e-mail and name.

Q: Who handles the billing?

A: The billing is handled through an independent company called clickbank...the industry standard for secure credit card processing.

Q: I don't have a credit card. Is there another way to pay for the book?

A: Yes, you can also pay via or pay per check.

Q:How does the book get delivered to me?

A: After you completed the credit card processing page you will be taken to the download page automatically. Just save the book to your computer and open it from there or print it.