How I find and choose day trades


Let me give you a quick insight into how I go about finding my trading candidates.

There are several advanced software scanners available, which can scan about every financial instrument available for potential trades. This software is rather complicated to operate and I would not recommend it to beginners. In this course I would like to go over a few easy to use tools and tips a beginner can use. Keep in mind that complex analysis and scanning tools donít make you a good trader. Too much information rather complicates trading unnecessarily and it can easily become too confusing.

Those are only a number of ideas on how to find your trades. Even though it might not seem to be overly complicated you are going to be very busy using only a few of those sources.

A successful trader will be able to scan thru them rather quickly and then focus on the trade itself. Make sure to keep it simple and not use too many sources at once. Less is more, and will be extremely crucial for your success!.