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Here is a list of sites and resources I highly recommend:


new site: http://www.tonihansen.com/

The Trading From Main Street chat is one of the best places to learn trading. You get ongoing education every trading day. This what really teaches you how to trade. I know because I am a member myself. Click here and go to their site.


Hard Right Edge offers excellent education especially for swing traders. I check their morning trader section frequently.


Qcharts is a complete and affordable charting an real-time quote software.


eSignal is the leading real-time quotes service for serious traders. Most subscribers choose it above other services for its speed, reliability, accuracy and these exciting features:

* Streaming, real-time stocks, futures and options data from major North American and European exchanges
* A portfolio manager, company research, tickers, alerts, direct access trading
* Limit and news alerts sent to your email, cell and desktop
* Streaming, real-time news services, including Dow Jones and Reuters, so you can act today on news others will only read about tomorrow
* A scanning tool that combs the entire market in real time to reveal the best trading opportunities

Now, through a special partnership agreement with eSignal, you can receive a discount on eSignal. Click here to receive your special discount offer.


If you feel to visit a trader message board Elite Trader is THE place to go.


Check the tradingday technical analysis tutorial...excellent.



While I don't want to endorse a specific broker here are some I have worked with:





Top news sources:

CNN Money
Yahoo! Finance


Earnings Calendar
Economic Calendar
Market Holidays
Nasdaq.com See what's moving pre- and postmarket.

Other helpful resources:

Not sure what a certain term means? Check Investorwords!

Many traders use candlestick charts in their trades. The "shape" of the candelstick itself can be used as an indicator for future price movement. Lit Wick Co. offers a very good free overview of candlestick indicators.


Check your favourite stocks for potential trades:
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