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Rock The Stock Review - Is Rock The Stock A SCAM Or NOT?

My Rock The Stock Review reveals the truth about Cooper Belmont's binary options signals software that gives you signals based on the most reliable and trending stocks.

Rock The Stock Review

Rock the Stock ReviewRock the Stock - official website:

Release date: June 15, 2015

Most people trade binary options based on currency pairs. Currency pairs move up and down in "random moods" and tend to be much less predictable especially when it comes to strong trend moves in a short to medium time frame chart.

So even though price might be trending, it is still almost impossible to achieve a high degree of accuracy.

This is why it is almost impossible to make money with binary options trading foreign currency pairs.

The few currency pairs that do you maintain a clear direction for a sustained period of time and I stress few because I knew about four exist will not do this to order making it virtually impossible to know when such a move will occur with any reasonable degree of accuracy.

How Rock The Stock Works:

The Rock The Stock Review Video explains how the Rock the Stock binary options signals software works:

Rock the stock trial

Rock the stock is actually one of the, if not the only system that trades binary options on stocks.

It doesn't trade the stocks themselves. It trades binary options on them (calls and puts).

The developers claim "It's the only software in the world that trades binary options on stocks with a very high-level of profitability. That's probably the main reason why over 2800 hundred people from 70 countries have joined us since we launched the product back in November 2014".

The Rock The Stock Software delivers Binary Option Signals based on Stocks - for increased profitability based on stronger trends and a much larger amount of trading vehicles/ opportunities to choose from compared to currencies.

rock the stock software binary options signals on stocks

You have over 50 stocks to try but binary options stocks are stocks that have a well defined directional movement.

Early and accurately price moves with stocks and that's exactly what we need for placing accurate calls and puts rights because regardless of which direction you trying to have unique confidence that it will continue moving in that direction.

Until the trial has ended up think about the following over 50 stocks that have incredibly clear accurate insist I am not up in the and moves every single day now from fifty-plus trading opportunities

Imagine grabbing the top stocks of 70 seven percent of them, that's exactly what rock the stock does.

Every day I the rock the stock software automatically monitors the price movement of over 50 stocks to pinpoint the absolute best call and put trading opportunities.

Rock The Stock Performance:

Let's talk about how much money members are making with rock the stock.

Let's start with the Rock The Stock Performance. The best three stocks each day from the fifty-plus available stocks have less and on some days experience directional changes - strong price movements either up or down.

According to the developers "Rock The Stock gives you over 80 percent winning trades. In other words: if you place 100 trades about 80 of them should be profitable. Supposedly many members are making about $6000 per day". So overall the Rock The Stock performance looks very promising.

Rock The Stock Download and Installation in two simple steps:

Yes, two simple steps in order to download and install Rock The Stock. If you think you'll see the instructions right after you 45 day trial sign-up button I must disappoint you. Like most / if not all binary offers you will first need to open a new binary options account and fund it, typically with an amount of 250 USD or 250 Euro.

Rock The Stock Software Download and Install

So instead of seeing the download instructions (see image above)...the sign-up button takes you to the 45 Day Free Trial Sign-up Page where you'll find the following (again, this is "normal" for these types of offers. But it is rarely explained before you actually end up on such a page.

45 day free trial - Rock The Stock

"In order to gain access to Rock The Stock and start your 45-Day Free trial, Please follow these steps:

Step #1: Register (open an account) with a binary options broker.

Step #2: Fund Your Newly Created Binary Options Brokerage Account

Step #3: Gain Instant Access To "Rock The Stock"

After depositing money into your new brokerage account, Rock The Stock will automatically (hopefully) send you an email with your login details and allow you to access to the members' area.

Rock The Stock Weekly Profit / Performance Challenges:

Rock The Stock Weekly Profit Performance ChallengesStarting EVERY Monday, the Rock The Stock Team will WITHDRAW the previous weeks profits of their Binary Options trading account and leave just $450 available to trade throughout the next week of trading.

They want to start every Monday with a clean account and try to achieve maximum performance within that week.

They start with a lower risk of $10 per trade and each time their account grows by $500, they add an additional risk of $10 for each trade. Here is an example: Monday starts, they risk $10 per trade. Once the account grows to one thousand dollars, they now risk $20 on each trade.

The goal is to beat the performance records that were made over the past few weeks of trading.


If you are new to binary options trading and would like to try Rock The Stock after reading my Rock The Stock Review please visit and learn about the related risks:


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