Tirone Levels


Tirone Levels are a series of horizontal lines that identify support and resistance levels. They were developed by John Tirone.


Tirone Levels can be drawn using either the Midpoint 1/3-2/3 method or the Mean method. Both methods are intended to help you identify potential support and resistance levels based on the range of prices over a given time period. The interpretation of Tirone Levels is similar to Quadrant Lines.


The following chart shows Midpoint Tirone Levels on Lincoln National.

The dotted line shows the average price. The top and bottom lines divide the range between the highest and lowest prices into thirds.


Midpoint Method

Midpoint levels are calculated by finding the highest high and the lowest low during the time period being analyzed. The lines are then calculated as follows:

Mean Method

Mean levels are displayed as five lines (the spacing between the lines is not necessarily symmetrical). The lines are calculated as follows: