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The Subtle Trap Of Trading

Discover Why So Many Smart People Don't Make Money Trading And
How To Get On The Right Track In Two Hours or Less...

"Discover The Hidden Obstacle
That Has Been Holding You Back From Achieving
Success In Trading - What You Haven't Even Been
Aware Of - Until Now

FACT #1:  There is a tremendous risk of substantial financial loss in trading futures and Forex.

FACT #2:  Over 90% of all new traders lose their money in the first six months.

FACT #3:  Even with all the advents of technology, Fact #2 has not changed in decades.

Re:   If you start or continue trading and you are NOT already a consistently profiting trader, your entire account is at greater risk than you know.  Read on to discover why...


From:   Brian McAboy, Trader and Engineer                
             Featured on the Chicago Board of Trade

Dear Aspiring Trader,

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • How can I be more disciplined?

  • How can I find a good system that will work for ME?

  • How can I be more consistent?

  • How can I develop patience?

  • How can I overcome the fear of losses?

  • How can I trade without emotions?

  • How can I have more confidence?
If you find yourself asking any of the questions above, then that's a sure sign that you've fallen prey to the same trap that empties the accounts of thousands of traders every year, and your chances of success in trading are slim.

I know.  I've been in your shoes.  

My first year in trading had me extremely frustrated.  Like you, I'm generally a pretty astute person, a little smarter than average.  Most traders are.  You just won't find average people in trading.  It takes more money than the average person can muster just to show up.

Like many, my first foray into trading ended by having so many losses that I had to step out and take a break.  I wasn't done though.  Trading is just too good to leave behind forever.

Being an Engineer and one that knows that success is always possible, I started asking different questions and looking to different sources for the answers, as I've learned to do over the years.

Sure, there are plenty of books on the 'traders mindset' and similar topics, and they are helpful, but it always bothered me why the failure rate was so high amongst a group of people that have already proven their ability to succeed. 

Have you ever wondered WHY there are so many books on the psychology of trading?  It doesn't make sense.  Traders are already successful people before they get into trading.  You already have a good head on your shoulders.

So What Happened?

I had the good fortune to have the counsel of some very good people, including a certified Emotional Intelligence coach, that helped me figure out some of what went wrong.  Further research and inquiry brought to light why so many smart people have such a difficult time making money in trading.

I have always had a burning passion to understand and to teach others and help them succeed, especially at pursuing new endeavors.  

Trading however, presents some unique challenges that empty the accounts of thousands of people every year.  Challenges from causes that aren't readily apparent.  Causes that are very subtle yet powerful.  As a matter of fact, when you discover what I have, you too may think that it seems like a conspiracy

I have studied the human mind and the learning process for years, plus have the benefit of my Engineering background.  Through my research and help from the right people, I was able to determine what was happening to everyone, and I was able to identify the steps necessary to fix the problems and allow traders to overcome these challenges in a very short period of time.

The Discovery

You see, there are certain events that happened when you entered trading that
no one made you aware were happening
.  These events actual "prime" people to become risk-taking, money losing traders, people that are already smart and otherwise successful in their lives.  These events affect virtually everyone and are the reason for the statistic that 90% of all traders lose their money in the first six months.

What the Pros have learned through the years (and losses) on their way to becoming consistent winners is how to overcome the effects of these events, what I call "The Subtle Trap of Trading".  Most of them don't consciously understand that it is the UN-DOING of these effects that takes so long.  They just know that it takes a long time and lot's of "paying your dues".

Do you want to avoid the long and painful road to profitable trading?  Take The Short Path to Success.

"The Subtle Trap of Trading, Why So Many Smart People Don't Make Money Trading
And How To Get On The Right Track In Two Hours Or Less" is a brief and powerful course that reveals exactly what has happened to you and the steps you need to take to end your frustration - guaranteed

In less than two hours, you can have the light bulbs come on and illuminate the most direct path to your goal of enjoyable, stress-free and profitable trading.

"This is the first course in my 30 years in the business that seriously deals with the long standing statistic in trading - that 90% lose.  It's right on the money for traders that truly want to be successful without struggling through years and thousands of dollars in losses. 

For any serious trader it is a must." JudyCrawford of Peak Trading Group
Judy Crawford, Broker
Zaner Group, LLC
15+ years trading

Derek Frey- options trading
Derek Frey, Head Trader
Odom and Frey Futures and Options
15+ years trading

“Many of the nightmares people encounter would have been avoided had they taken the time to read and follow the principles presented in this course.  

There are many facets to long-term successful trading, and the skills and competencies that are necessary to make a career of trading are far more than simply opening an account and getting busy.  It is vital that a person know what the true key qualities and characteristics of BEING a successful trader are, if indeed that is what they wish to become.  

This course will assist you in doing just that.

Brian is able to help people understand why the odds are against them, as well as what you can do to turn those odds around in your favor.  As I read this course for the first time, I was struck by how many of the pitfalls he mentions that I myself went through as a developing trader.  I only wish Brian had published "The Subtle Trap of Trading" 15 years ago!

This course is trading 101 and should be required reading for every trader, in every market, at every experience level, period.”

James Maggio - trade risk managementJames Maggio of Trader Risk Management

"Brian McAboy has hit the nail right on the head.  "The Subtle Trap of Trading" should be required reading for anyone thinking of trading and for anyone who wants to keep on trading successfully. Brian pulls no punches in getting down to the psychology of trading and how it affects us all.   He has produced a really valuable guide for the person who wants to get serious about trading and making money in the markets.

Do yourself a favor and read it now!"

Bill Poulos - Swing trading- Bill Poulos, Creator of Quantum Swing Trader and Super Divergence Blueprint and author of numerous works on trading
"This course is a must for all who are serious about becoming a successful trader.  How can an endeavor like trading that appears so easy to accomplish be so difficult?  Indeed, why do 90% of all traders end up net losers? 

"The Subtle Trap of Trading" does a masterful job of answering these question by exploring the all important psychological aspects of trading that the unwary trader falls victim to time after time.  But the book doesn't stop there.  Constructive suggestions are offered on how to harness these psychological pitfalls and actually turn them to the trader's advantage, giving the trader an edge in the markets that few possess."

"Brian McAboy has truly produced a breakthrough work.  It is brief, yet covers truly critical aspects of trading that many miss.  He has managed to distill down into a very easy read, the core of what the developing trader needs to know and gives simple steps to follow to substantially improve one's trading.  I highly recommend it!"

- Matt Zaner
Principal and Owner of the brokerage firm Zaner Group, LLC

Proof is all around you.
The statistic that 90% of all traders lose money is the most common result of the trap.  Because it's so subtle, nobody realizes what happening to them.  That's why so many smart people lose money trading.

Most veteran traders will tell you that it takes 10-20 years to become a consistently successful trader.  It takes most people that long to un-do the effects of what's happended to them for two primary reasons:
  • first of all because they're unaware of what's happened, and
  • secondly, they don't know what to do about it. 
When you don't know what the real problem is, you struggle for years because you're pursuing the wrong solutions.  How can you fix something if you don't know what's broken?

This course reveals exactly what the real issues are and gives you direct and simple actions to take to get on the right track - FAST!

Dr. Jeffrey Wilde - trading systemsJeffrey Wilde
"The “True Secret” To Profitable Trading:

After 15 years in the markets and having placed hundreds and hundreds of trades I can tell you with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that how you think will ultimately determine your success or failure. The bottom-line is that you can have the best system in the world, but if you can’t handle the stress of trading you will struggle to make a living.

Unless you can maintain rock solid discipline over your emotions, you will end up being another trading casualty. The “Inner Game” of trading is a struggle because when you are trading with real money, fear and greed can make you do some really stupid and costly things. (I can testify to that!)

A new program that I have come across, "The Subtle Trap of Trading", is ideal for getting your mind into “Olympic Shape”.

It will give you a clear step by step approach to ensure that you maintain discipline over your emotions. As a result you will trade with more confidence and way less stress. You will also develop a laser like focus which will ultimately help improve your results. This really is a must for any trader that is truly serious about being a success."

Are you ready for more than just another book on the "Trader's Mindset" or about the "Psychology of Trading"? 

This course goes way beyond that.  This is a how-to course.

You may have run across many books on the psychology of trading, but none of them explain why you need them in the first place! 

You've already demonstrated that you can be successful, just by having the money to trade - average and below-average people just don't get here.  You've proven you're capable of success, so why not here?  What happened?  THE TRAP! 

This course is the only one that explains in detail:
  • WHY people that are successful in other endeavors struggle as traders,

  • The events that occur when they enter the world of trading that affect them

  • The components of the trap and how they work together to turn highly intelligent and otherwise very successful people into frustrated, risk-taking traders that lose money - willingly.  Yes, willingly.  No one is forced to trade.

  • The steps to un-do the effects of the trap and how become the successful person you already are, but as a trader too!
Do you want the most direct route to ending your frustrations?
John Forman - Trading educationJohn Forman

"It doesn't matter whether you are new to trading or have been at it for years. The Subtle Trap of Trading is a must read.

Author Brian McAboy goes to the very root of trading in terms of both its appeal and the pitfalls that lure creates. He outlines why you can easily find yourself doing things as a trader you would never have thought you'd do - things seemingly completely out of character.

More importantly, though, Brian explains in clear terms how you can avoid the trap and provides exercises to help you along the way. For that reason, The Subtle Trap of Trading should be near the top of your trading reading list."

Mark McRae, Surefire Trading Plans- Mark McRae

"The Subtle Trap Of Trading" is an absolute must to have in your trading library. Too many traders think that the system or method is the be all and end all of trading.

There simply isn't enough attention to the psychology of trading and the correct approach that needs to be adopted. Brian McAboy has done an excellent job in walking through the must-know steps in order to become a successful trader."

"This book is beyond awesome.  I've been trading for years without consistent success.  One year ago I started working with a trading mentor.  This was my first step to successful trading.   Your book, Subtle Trap of Trading, distills into a short reading what I finally began to learn after a year of studying.  The method for identifying the chinks in one's armor is fantastic.  I have little doubt that this will accelerate my growth in consistent, profitable trading."   Thanks again, Stan Hoffman, CISSP, Individual Trader
Kingston, TN

The Subtle Trap of Trading by Brian McAboy should be required reading for any trader at any experience level. It is not only well written, its message is important and targeted to assist traders of any market at any stage in their trading journey. It is tailored to the individual trader so that the honing of the trader's point of view and style is the area that gets the needed attention. Terrific Value! Great Job Brian!

Sara Peterson
Individual Trader with 5 years experience in Futures Trading

"I feel like I am on to something here, like I am truly on the path to becoming a successful (profitable) trader. I breezed through all the material, and realize now that I have undertaken quite a task, getting through all the information and such-- and this is only DAY TWO!! I'm determined to see it all through, though. I know this is just the beginning of a journey of great distance, but these first steps encourage me to take all the rest."
Thanks again,
Roy Frampton - Individual trader

Norman Hallett - trader mind setNorman Hallett

"Bottom line is that Brian gives the trader a blueprint for STRUCTURE, both mentally (your emotions, etc.) and physically (choosing a trading system, running your trading business).

He gets your mind and self set to win... and not get caught in the very subtle yet powerful mental and emotional trap that brings most traders to ruin.

As you can imagine, with me being in the mental training for traders business, I was
delighted to see someone delve into and try to rescue misguided traders... which, sadly,
are most traders.


 Act immediately and receive the following
FREE Bonuses

Since we know it's 100% to your benefit to start using these techniques right away for getting your trading on track, we want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say "YES" today! 

If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following bonuses:

Special Bonus #1 - The Perspectives Spreadsheet!

Do you want peace of mind as you look ahead in your trading?

This is my super-easy tool for setting and keeping realistic goals. 

By having realistic goals and keeping things in perspective, it's easy to keep your cool and have the confidence you need!

Special Bonus #2 - The Success Checklist!

Do you want the best way to keep your focus on the right things so that you maintain your discipline?  

The Success Checklist is a one page list of the things that will keep you on track, focused on the actions and principles that make you a winner, and make sure that you enjoy the rewards of taking the right actions!

Special Bonus #3 - The Emotional Style Quiz

Do you want a way to tell if your trading system really suits you?

Almost every veteran will tell you, a critical aspect of successful long term trading is to trade with a system that matches your emotional style

The Emotional Style Quiz lets you discover your emotional style in trading, plus gives you a measuring stick of any system you consider.  By knowing that you've got a good fit, you can relax and trade comfortably, and profit more consistently!

Special Bonus #4 - The 39 Mistakes Summary Checklist

Do you want to avoid mistakes in your trading, and especially the losses?

First step is to know what to watch out for.  By having a convenient, one-page summary, your odds of avoiding mistakes and staying safe with your money increase dramatically!  Avoided mistakes means money that stays in your account!!!

Special Bonus #5 - The Trade Planner

Do you want an easy to use, clear and straightforward tool for planning your trades, so that you can relax knowing what to do regardless of the market moves?

Every broker and veteran on the planet will tell you that one of the most common and most costly mistakes losing traders make is not properly planning their trades.

I remember when I first started trading, planning the trades was very uncomfortable because I didn't really know how to do it well.  No one had shown me the right way to plan out a trade so that I knew going in what to do in each of the possible scenarios of market moves. 

By having a properly prepared plan for each trade, you'll know in advance when to exit, where to place your stops, how to maximize your profits and minimize your losses!  The peace of mind is wonderful!!

"Brian's book is an ingenious work. It illuminates the path one needs to achieve success in the world of financial trading and it is sorely needed. The staggering amount of money and time I spent becoming a successful trader could have been easily reduced by 2/3 had I followed the outline Brian presents. Its a gift."

Dan K - Individual Trader
Kerry, Ireland

"Hi Brian, I finished reading your book, "The Subtle Trap of Trading". It was good. It has given me a list of things I need to work on in myself.

Thanks again for a good book to get me to focus on getting better and what areas to work on in my own trading.

Rick Fairley - Individual Trader
La Center, WA

Special 60 Day Trial Offer

Don't decide now if "The Subtle Trap of Trading" is right for you. Take 60 Days to put us to the test! If "The Subtle Trap of Trading" doesn't show you exactly how to end your frustrations,  exactly the steps to take to get your trading on track, how to trade with confidence, and how to lower your stress and anxiety significantly, we'll give your money back ... no questions asked! 

You can't lose with our 100%, ironclad, 
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

My Promise to You

I am so confident that this program is worth every penny and so much more to you, that I guarantee it's value to you.  If at anytime for the next 60 days, you feel that this course has failed to shed light on your frustrations and show you the steps to take to reduce or eliminate them, then let me know and I will gladly refund your money.  Unlike in the markets, you are NOT at risk here.
Once your credit card is approved, you will have immediate access to "The Subtle Trap of Trading" along with all of your FREE Bonuses.

"Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to review your course. I thought it was 'outstanding' and very comprehensive. This course may help 'save' new and struggling traders from the painful and costly lessons that can and do occur in trading.

"The Subtle Trap of Trading" shows each individual what area they need to include or improve upon, based on their own input, and repair the 'chink' in their own armor and greatly improve their likelihood of success.

I am personally recommending this course to all my clients."
Bob Kozak, CTA & Currency Analyst, Alaron Trading
Bob Kozak,
Commodity Trading Advisor and Currency Analyst

Alaron Trading Group
20+ years trading

"Hi Brian,
I love your Subtle Trap of Trading as well as The Proven Formula report.  Thank you!.

They already have inspired me to become a more successful trader by looking inwards and discovering my motives for trading."

Billy Apostolo,  Individual Trader
New York, New York

Aren't you getting tired of stressing out over your trading, and especially struggling to make the money you'd like?

The good news is that you can have the answers you've been seeking and start getting RESULTS IMMEDIATELY!  The course is concise and powerful and will ship to you right away.  In less than two hours of receiving the package, you can feel relief from your stress and find the peace of mind you've been looking for.

If your trading is not where you want it to be, then you need to get this course and eliminate the obstacles that are holding you back.     

Only $27
(For A Very Limited Time)

Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a download page where you have immediate access to both the course and all the bonuses.

My Promise to You

I am so confident that this program is worth every penny and so much more to you, that I guarantee it's value to you.  If at anytime for the next 60 days, you feel that this course has failed to shed light on your frustrations and show you the steps to take to reduce or eliminate them, then let me know and I will gladly refund your money.  Unlike in the markets, you are NOT at risk here.

I wish you great success in your trading!



P.S.  This is an opportunity unlike any you'll find.  You won't find this information anywhere else.  I created this program for you because I want you to succeed, to enjoy the life you have to its fullest, to have the things you desire.  Get on the right track right now!

P.P.S.  You have to decide for yourself to get the course.  Remember, you have my money-back guarantee, so it's everything to gain and nothing to lose for you!!  Get it now!


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