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The Winning Trade System Stock Market Phenomenon - Free Investing and Trading Strategy

If you're involved in anyway with the stock market or if you want to make money from the stock market you need to see this free strategy.

Also if you're a stock market investor and wants to make money with new investment strategy this is for you...

...or if you trade options or do any other type of advanced trading, the phenomenon revealed in this free report is definitely for you.

Winning Trade System Stock Market Phenomenon Ebook



In A Single Day

THE PHENOMENON - A Discovery That Changed The Way I Trade Stocks Forever

This is not normal. People just don't make this kind of money in the market every day … and that's true. They don't, I don't!

As you've seen in my Winning Trade System I make pretty good profits in the market. But nothing like this day. Days like this are unusual to say the least, but they come along often enough that if you wanted to you could trade nothing else and make a pretty good living at it.

And it's darn simple. It the most simple market setup I've ever seen.

I did make $47,692.27 in ONE DAY the FIRST TIME I took advantage of this “phenomenon” and this is a report on exactly how I did it.

Most people will think it's impossible – at least for the average trader.

And the average trader is naturally skeptical because they don't make this kind of money and believe it to be impossible.

But I CERTIFY that what you are about to read really did happen. I did it with a REAL MONEY account – this is not paper trading. Not one of the screenshots in this report are retouched, altered or modified as to the outcome in anyway.

Here's exactly what happened on the day of this case study:

A few years ago I noticed something 'odd' in the market. This 'oddity' occurs about 3 to 4 times each year in a normal market, more frequently when the market starts to get volatile like it did from September 2008 to March of 2009.

I studied this phenomenon for about 2 years before I got the nerve to actually start trading it.

I recommend you do the same- study it carefully before you trade it and do not use much money to start. Don't worry it happens frequently enough that you'll have plenty of opportunities so don't rush it.

Here's what I saw:

I started noticing this in the fall of 2008 during the market decline. Volatility was high back then. One day the market was up 500 points the next it was down 700 points.

Man! If I had known about this during that time period you would not be reading this report right now. I would not have written it because right now I'd be on a beach someplace sipping a nice cool beverage watching the tides roll in enjoying my profits.

Ok, it's nice to dream anyway – but while I'm enjoying that beverage you can also bet I'm watching the first 30 minutes of trading to see if the 'phenomenon' is happening that day!

So my study of that period from 2008-2009 opened my eyes to something that is truly phenomenal. A market aberration... a strange occurrence that, for whatever reason works.

And works reliably well.

So when I saw this phenomenon happen again on April 9th of 2009 I dove into the trade head first and kept swimming until I reached the end of the pool – the end of trading for that day.

It started out just as I expected. The market was up that day, the DOW up significantly, the S&P500 gapped higher along with the NASDAQ and within the first 30 minutes of trading I could tell “it” was happening again!

There's a single investment phenomenon that occurs and when it does the money that can be made is, well, phenomenal.

The first time I took advantage of this trade on April 9, 2009 I took this screenshot of my P&L about 30 minutes into the trading session:

trading account screenshot

A close up of the P&L:

profit loss screenshot

I was just 'testing' the waters to see if things were going to work out.

You'll notice that I traded two different ETF's. The one on top (symbol: URE) was acting better than the second one (symbol: UYG) so I decided to trade the top ETF, URE.

As you can tell I've already had a pretty good session. I was up $883.94.

For most investors and traders that's a pretty decent day and I should have been happy with that. And I was. But this day was different. It was what I call a “True Trend” day or “Double T” day...

Here's what the end of the day looked like:

options account screenshot 2

A close up of the P&L:

stock market phenomenon p&l

I traded UYG a bit more and ended up in positive territory for the day- up $1,109.71 - but URE was acting better and I spent my time focusing and trading URE for the majority of the day ending up with a profit of $46,582.56 for the day.

Here's what the day looked like on the chart of URE I was trading that day:

stock market chart

Based on my analysis of the market which I just finished for Daily Market Advantage, I told subscribers that the market was about to go into a strong rally phase. This was April, 2009, just a few weeks after market bottomed from the 2008-2009 decline. The

DOW was around 6,500 when it bottomed and was just starting to rally a bit, but I was sure based on my analysis that we'd get a rally at least to the 10,000 level.

Ok, so back to this “day” … so what's a “True Trend” day or “Double T” day ? -

It's a day that is so perfectly aligned with a strong trend that it's almost IMPOSSIBLE not to make money. All you have to do is jump on board and ride it like a surfer rides a massive wave...

Whenever I see this phenomenon take place within the first 30 minutes of trading – I sit up and take notice. I cancel all my appointments for the day, text my wife that it's a “Double T” day then turn off my cell phone, unplug my fax machine, lock my office door, have food and coffee ready at my side and don't move for the next 6 hours or so until the close.

It's that important.

Ok... here's the setup for a DOUBLE T day:

SETUP #1: Advance-Decline Signal If the market is rallying:

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The Complete Setup is also revealed in a special report that comes with the Winning Trade System

SETUP #2: Up Vs Down Volume Signal

This is as important as Setup #1. You cannot trade on one of these signals alone. You need both for this to work.

The Complete Setup is revealed in a special report - Free Today!


Take a LONG position when Setup #1 is +2000 and holding and the Setup #2 is trending UP. Take a SHORT position when Setup #1 is -2000 and Setup #2 is trending DOWN.

Hold until the close and exit position!

This works best with INDEX ETF's and can even work with 2X ETF's and even 3X ETF for DAY TRADE ONLY. So there you have it. The proof is in the profits!

trade account


Does this still work today?? Do I still trade it?

Yes, it does work, and of course I trade it! Why does it work? I have no idea, it just does...

If you are an investor or trader, follow days like this, study them and you'll find yourself amazed at how well you can trade (how much money you can make) on a True Trend day!

Please make sure to enter a valid address where we can send you the strategy ebook.

Stock Market Phenomenon ebook

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